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The OMTF is a network of companies working to create an environment in which opera and music theatre can flourish.  We represent the interests of professional organisations producing and promoting opera and music theatre throughout the UK.  Read more...

 Recent OMTF Events
How Can We Change Opera For The Better?
April 9 and 10, 2016
Lilian Baylis House, London, UK

A weekend of passionate discussion and informal conversation to help shape the future of opera. Open to all members of the operatic community: practitioners and audiences, administrators and technicians, friends and critics, newcomers and old hands.

Open Space discussion facilitated by Improbable in partnership with the English National Opera and Tête à Tête, and in association with the Royal Opera House, the National Opera Coordinating Committee, Opera Europa and OMTF.

35+ reports from the event are available here


 Past OMTF Events
Friday 31st July 2015
Regent Theatre, Regent High School, London

An OMTF symposium exploring the key issues in fundraising; the many different ways of raising money in an era of diminishing public funding; how to find and hold on to your funders and donors; planning fundraising strategies; building effective cases for public funding; and what it takes to be successful.

Panels and surgeries with experts from Glyndebourne, The Royal Opera House, Welsh National Opera and more will provide opportunities to learn from some of the most successful fundraisers in the sector.

Suitable for companies of all shapes and sizes.

What are we going to do about Opera?
June 6 and 7, 2015
Royal Opera House, London, UK

A weekend of passionate discussion and informal conversation open to all members of the operatic community: artists and audiences, administrators and technicians, friends and critics, newcomers and old hands.

Open Space discussion facilitated by Improbable in partnership with the Royal Opera House, Tête à Tête, National Opera Coordinating Committee and Opera Europa.

Reports from the Devoted and Disgruntled event are available here.


Friday 1st August 2014, 2-5pm
King's Place, London

How does your company reach the right people? What makes your company and shows unique and appealing to audiences, funders, promoters and everyone who matters to you? An OMTF Symposium exploring how an organisation’s distinctive profile can improve both its place in the market and its ticket sales.

Speakers from English Touring Opera; Kings Place; Mahogany Opera Group; Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

The 2013 Conference, Future Tense, hosted by the Royal Opera House, London, focused on what the world might be like in 2030.

Artists, business leaders, policy-makers and thinkers sought to understand a rapidly changing arts sector in a rapidly changing world.  Speakers included Royal Opera House Artistic Director Kasper Holten, playwright/librettist Mark Ravenhill, Bill Winters, CEO and Chairman, Renshaw Bay, Phillida Cheetham, Policy Department, Which? and Marcus Romer, Artistic Director, Pilot Theatre.  More details on the event page...
The 2013 Open Event was Innovation, Innovation, Innovation: Embracing the Digital Revolution hosted by the Tête à Tête Festival at the Riverside Studios, London in August 2013.

A wide range of digital applications were discussed with speakers including The Space, The Young Vic, the Royal Opera House and NESTA.
Watch the presentations and see more details on the event page...


Russian songs and arias presented by students of the OperaCoast Sing Russian course

OperaCoast runs annual courses to enable non-Russian speaking singers to work on Russian vocal repertoire. The course culminates in a programme of arias and ensembles from Russian operas. This year it’s based on Russian fairy tales and folklore and the company is working in collaboration with Brighton-based company Filmspot creating a series of animations that will integral to the performance.

The OperaCoast programme Old Tales of Kitezh Grad, supported by Pushkin House, the Russian cultural centre in London, will open there on December 16. It will also be presented in the Brighton Unitarian church on December 10.

OperaCoast profile


Explorations by Anna Clock, Martin Ward and Freya Ireland in Second Movement's latest Rough for Opera

Second Movement’s regular series of events featuring new works and works in progress continues in December.  Each Rough for Opera is a snapshot and celebration of contemporary opera and includes work by three composers.  This winter’s trio shares themes of identity, intimacy and alienation.

Anna Clock’s CONSTELLATIONS is a devised opera for electronics and two performers exploring humanity’s relationship with the cosmos through myth, memory and the Hubble telescope while touching on common experiences of loneliness and intimacy.

Themes of identity and alienation in both the human condition and the physical world are examined by Martin Ward in scenes from his new opera The Sinken Sun.  The opera, which draws on the life, works and legacy of the poet John Clare uses Clare himself and a fictional modern day student to explore the timelessness of the arts and poetry, their enduring relevance, and their ability to communicate across boundaries of culture and time.

Composer Freya Ireland introduces new material for her work-in-progress The Two Sided Boy, an interactive web opera which looks at the volatile dynamic between the real and online world of virtual reality gaming through the relationship of a mother and her computer obsessed son.

Second Movement’s winter edition of Rough for Opera takes place on December 5 at The Cockpit Theatre, London.

Second Movement profile


City Lit Opera School is hosting a production of Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi on Friday, 28 October. Produced as part of their summer school in Scheggino, Italy this year, it is being brought to the John Lyon Theatre in the City Lit, London as a fundraiser following the earthquake in Italy. All proceeds will go to the Italian Red Cross. [Book here]


The course of true love runs pretty bumpily in English Touring Opera's autumn season with Xerxes, La Calisto and Ulysses’ Homecoming

Set against the background of real historical characters and events Handel’s Xerxes is the gently humorous story of a series of potential matches and mismatches entangled, manipulated, confused, disguised and ultimately straightened out. In this revival of the company’s successful 2011 production, the original Venetian text is relocated to the 1940 Battle of Britain and the Persian king recast as a glamorous prince-turned-pilot jealous of his brother’s stronger sex appeal.

More sexual entanglements are charted in Cavalli’s La Calisto but with gods thrown in for good measure. The infatuation of married Jove with the lovely Calisto and the unlikely attraction of virgin Diana to the handsome youth Endymion enmesh them in love wars as comical as they are dangerous.

Gods feature again in Monteverdi’s masterpiece, Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria (Ulysses’ Homecoming), recounting the delicate interplay between gods and men when, twenty years after the end of the disastrous Trojan war, Ulysses returns to his wife Penelope – to find she is being courted by a houseful of admirers.

Alongside the operas the autumn tour includes a new kind of performance of the Bach oratorio St John Passion which narrates the Passion of Christ as told in the Gospel of John. Employing new English translations of the chorales from writers of different faiths and backgrounds it will feature over thirty local cathedral, gospel and youth choirs around the country.

English Touring Opera’s autumn tour opens at the Hackney Empire on October 8 with Handel’s Xerxes and continues with Cavalli’s La Calisto on October 14 and Monteverdi’s Ulysses’s Homecoming on October 15. Rochester Cathedral hosts the first performance of Bach’s St John Passion on October 16.

English Touring Opera profile

Other current and recent stories:
Nov 2016
to 15 Nov
For Who Can Wield Like Shakespeare's Skilful Hand?
Bampton Classical Opera's autumn visit to London features Thomas Linley the Younger and Georg Benda 
Sep 2016
to 10 Sep
Free Spirits
British Youth Opera's season features two rarely seen works by Britten and Malcolm Williamson 
Aug 2016
to 27 Aug
The Hive
The last Tête à Tête production of the summer is a new opera by Carole Hayman and Harvey Brough 
Jul 2016
to 20 Sep
The Golden Dragon - New Recipe!
Music Theatre Wales premiers a new English language version of Peter Eötvös's fable of modern life 
Jul 2016
to 13 Sep
Divine Comedies
Greek gods feature in Bampton Classical Opera's summer season 
Jul 2016
to 18 Aug
Make 'Em Laugh!
Stress busting therapy – an Offenbach double bill from Opera della Luna 
Jul 2016
to 12 Aug
Adventures in Opera
Tête à Tête hosts work from Europe, UK and the US in King's Cross 
Jul 2016
to 24 Jul
The OMTF Extends a Warm Welcome to OperaCoast
Jul 2016
to 06 Jul
What Price Immortality?
Tête à Tête premieres Toni Castell's 2045 The Year Man Becomes Immortal 
Jul 2016
to 09 Jul
Lock Up Your Daughters...
...Operaluna is bringing Don Giovanni to Marlborough 
Jun 2016
to 18 Jun
It's Magic
Operas from Mozart, Purcell and Verdi are laced with magic of all kinds and two celebrate Shakespeare at Iford Arts' summer festival 
Jun 2016
to 07 Jul
Promises, Promises ...
In Garsington Opera's 2016 season Tchaikovsky, Rossini and Mozart offer protagonists who make vows with life-changing consequences. 
Jun 2016
to 02 Aug
Dangerous Liaisons
Longborough Festival Opera's eclectic season featuring the consequences of sinful passions incorporates Wagner, Mozart, Janacek and Handel 
Jun 2016
to 16 Jul
Grange Park Opera's last season in Hampshire contains plenty of food for the soul with three operas and a musical 
Jun 2016
to 25 Jun
Midsummer Nights
The City Lit Opera School celebrates summer and the end of the academic year with Purcell's Fairy Queen 
Mar 2016
to 01 Jun
English Touring Opera's spring season features protagonists from Mozart, Donizetti and Gluck who defy the social codes of their times and places 
May 2016
to 21 May
Criminal Intent
Six new operas featuring crime premeditated by Tête à Tête and the Royal College of Music 
May 2016
to 08 May
#LOVEOPERA Weekend, May 6-8
Celebrating the range and quantity of live opera and music theatre in the UK 
Apr 2016
to 20 Apr
Danger: Works in Progress!
The National Opera Studio presents an adventurous edition of its annual Contemporary Opera Scenes 
Apr 2016
to 10 Apr
Devoted and Disgruntled 2016
Apr 2016
to 06 Apr
Falstaff at the Opera
The City Lit Opera School joins the Shakespeare celebrations 
Apr 2016
to 15 Apr
Shakespeare in Love, in Loathing and Laughter and all in Music
OperaUpClose join in the Shakespeare celebrations 
Jun 2016
to 26 Mar
An Opera Fit for Easter
Bach's St Matthew Passion is brought to life as a fully-staged opera by Streetwise Opera and The Sixteen 
Mar 2016
to 19 Mar
A Rattling Good Tale
The Mahogany Opera Group recreates the original story of Rumpelstiltskin for children 
Feb 2016
to 12 Mar
Rinse Cycle
Wagner’s Ring Cycle conditioned with comedy and shrunk to two hours by Unexpected Opera 
Feb 2016
to 18 Apr
The Devil Inside
Music Theatre Wales teams up once again with Scottish Opera to premiere a new work by Stuart MacRae and Louise Welsh 
Feb 2016
to 27 Feb
Glyndebourne Education celebrates 30 years with a new opera about the meaning of life 
Feb 2016
to 11 Feb
Rothschild's Violin
Oxford's New Chamber Opera premiers a piece designed specifically for the New College Ante-chapel 
Nov 2015
to 14 Nov
Contagious Creativity
Two new works from English Touring Opera harness the creativity of a variety of participants in the company's autumn education programme 
Nov 2015
to 22 Nov
The Flourish Opera Competition, 2015
OperaUpClose presents a showcase of extracts from the four finalists 
Oct 2015
to 20 Nov
The French Connection
English Touring Opera's French season features Debussy, Massenet and Offenbach. Although all are based on popular literary works the fame of each opera has eclipsed its original 
Oct 2015
to 22 Nov
OperaUpClose Goes Sailing
Homer's Odyssey is the inspiration for OperaUpClose's first work for families 
Nov 2015
to 03 Nov
Second Movement
Oct 2015
to 18 Nov
The French Connection
English Touring Opera's French season features Debussy, Massenet and Offenbach. Although all are based on popular literary works the fame of each opera has eclipsed its original 
Oct 2015
to 14 Oct
Mahogany Opera Group and Ergo Phizmiz – A Work-In-Progress 
Sep 2015
to 11 Sep
Life, Death, Nature and Myth
British Youth Opera's annual season features the cycle of life and death from the perspective of Janacek, Vaughan Williams and Holst 
Sep 2015
to 19 Sep
Bampton Opera prescribes Haydn's jaunty comedy about an apothecary, his ward and her suitors
Sep 2015
to 19 Oct
Mahogany Opera Group premieres Rolf Hind’s new opera based on meditation techniques 
Aug 2015
to 19 Sep
Carmen - A Heroine for Today
OperaUpClose tackles a repertory favourite in their new summer production 
Jul 2015
to 15 Sep
Opposites Distract
Bampton Classical Opera's summer opera is Salieri's La Grotta di Trofonio featuring bewildered lovers and a capricious wizard 
Jul 2015
to 09 Aug
Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival - The Revolution Continues
The festival returns to King’s Cross for its 9th year of innovation, bigger than ever with more than 100 performances and over 40 new works 
Aug 2015
to 09 Aug
Tête à Tête at its own Opera Festival
Aug 2015
to 07 Aug
The Music Troupe Go Surreal at the Tête à Tête Festival
Aug 2015
to 07 Aug
English Touring Opera Tours a Family Friendly Show to the Tête à Tête Festival
Aug 2015
to 07 Aug
Size Zero Opera at the Tête à Tête Festival
Jul 2015
to 21 Jul
People Watch
Streetwise Opera and the Ligeti Quartet explore TV programmes in this new opera by Stef Conner 
Jul 2015
to 19 Jul
Love Lessons in Oxford
Oxford-based New Chamber Opera's summer production features a beautiful innkeeper, amorous noblemen and a faithful servant in a classic Goldoni comedy 
Jul 2015
to 11 Jul
Light and Shadow
Vaughan Williams and Ravel provide a double bill for the City Lit Opera School's first full length performances 
Jul 2015
to 09 Jul
Bromance at the Opera
Famous duets for men feature in the latest singing chat show from Unexpected Opera 
Jun 2015
to 07 Jun
Devoted and Disgruntled
Jun 2015
to 26 Sep
Opera della Luna has Plans to Provoke with a New Orpheus in the Underworld
Jun 2015
to 15 Jun
Second Movement
Jun 2015
to 20 Jun
Back to Wagner
Longborough Festival Opera's 2015 season features two towering tragedies: Tristan und Isolde and Rigoletto and lifts the spirits with the more lighthearted Don Pasquale and Xerxes 
Jun 2015
to 03 Jul
On the Roof, In a Garret, At the Ball and In the Temple
Operas by Tchaikovsky, Puccini and Saint-Saens and a well-loved musical starring Bryn Terfel comprise Grange Park's eclectic season 
Jun 2015
to 11 Jul
Tangled Webs
Reason and love keep little company together in Garsington Opera's 26th season featuring Mozart, Strauss, Britten and a new partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company 
Jun 2015
to 20 Jun
Let's Party!
With a masked ball, the can-can, a spot of Handelian bedroom farce and Violetta hosting a soirée, this year's Iford Arts season has a particularly festive air 
Jun 2015
to 07 Jun
An Embarrassment of Riches
Jun 2015
to 05 Jun
Each Unhappy in its Own Way
The National Opera Studios' latest showcase features dysfunctional families 
May 2015
to 10 May
Let's Make an Opera - The Bard goes Baroque in an 18th Century Satire
Hand Made Opera teams up with Opera Restor'd to revive an 18th century comedy based on Shakespeare's Pyramus and Thisbe 
May 2015
to 16 May
A Journey to the Light
A new opera by John Barber, Hazel Gould and the Nottingham Streetwise Opera Performers 
Apr 2015
to 03 May
The OMTF extends a warm welcome to the City Lit Opera School
Mar 2015
to 24 May
OMTF New Producers Scheme 2015: The Music Troupe
Mar 2015
to 26 May
English Touring Opera Goes Italian
ETO's spring tour features three Italian operas: The Siege of Calais; The Wild Man of the West Indies, La bohème - plus an English cat 

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Royal Opera
Verdi: La traviata
London, ROH: 19, 25, 28m Jan, 1 Feb, 14, 17 Jun

Opera North
Rimsky-Korsakov: The Snow Maiden
Leeds, Grand Theatre: 21, 28 Jan, 3, 17, 24 Feb

Royal Opera
Benjamin,G: Written on Skin
London, ROH: 22, 27, 30 Jan

Bizet: Carmen
Lancaster, Grand Theatre: 24 Jan
Oldham, The Coliseum: 25 Jan

Royal Opera
Strauss,R: Der Rosenkavalier
London, ROH: 24 Jan

Scottish Opera
Glass: The Trial
Glasgow, Theatre Royal: 24 Jan
Edinburgh, King's Theatre: 3, 4 Feb

Royal Opera
Verdi: Il trovatore
London, ROH: 26, 28, 31 Jan, 3, 6, 9 Feb

NI Opera
Adès: Powder her face
Belfast, The Lyric: 27, 29 Jan

Welsh National Opera
Puccini: La bohème
Cardiff, Wales Millennium Centre: 28 Jan, 15 Feb

Opera della Luna
Offenbach: Croquefer
Salford Quays, The Lowry: 1, 2m, 2 Feb
Hexham, Queen's Hall: 4 Feb
Keswick, Theatre by the Lake: 5, 6 Feb
Huddersfield, Lawrence Batley Theatre: 8 Feb
Offenbach: L'Ile de Tulipatan
Salford Quays, The Lowry: 1, 2m, 2 Feb
Hexham, Queen's Hall: 4 Feb
Keswick, Theatre by the Lake: 5, 6 Feb
Huddersfield, Lawrence Batley Theatre: 8 Feb

English National Opera
Verdi: Rigoletto
London, Coliseum: 2, 4, 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, 25, 28 Feb

Opera North
Humperdinck: Hansel and Gretel
Leeds, Grand Theatre: 2, 4, 15, 18, 25m Feb

Mahogany Opera Group
Dominic Robertson: Mozart vs Machine
Folkestone, Quarterhouse: 3 Feb

Ellen Kent International
Verdi: Aida
Bradford, Alhambra: 5 Feb
Llandudno, Venue Cymru: 10 Feb
Bristol, Hippodrome: 11 Feb
Sheffield, City Hall: 12 Feb
Wimbledon, New Wimbledon Theatre: 15 Feb
Oxford, New Theatre: 18 Feb

Scottish Opera
Debussy: L'Enfant prodigue
Glasgow, Theatre Royal: 5 Feb

Ellen Kent International
Puccini: La Boheme
Bradford, Alhambra: 6 Feb
Wimbledon, New Wimbledon Theatre: 14 Feb
Oxford, New Theatre: 16 Feb
Verdi: Nabucco
Tunbridge Wells, Assembly Hall Theatre: 7 Feb
Guildford, Glive: 8 Feb
Llandudno, Venue Cymru: 9 Feb
Oxford, New Theatre: 17 Feb

Royal Opera
Cilea: Adriana Lecouvreur
London, ROH: 7, 10, 17, 21, 24, 27 Feb, 2 Mar

Mid Wales Opera
Handel: Semele
Cardiff, RWCMD, Richard Burton Theatre: 8, 9, 10, 11 Feb
Newtown, Powys, Theatr Hafren: 18 Feb
Llanelli, Theatr Ffwrnes: 23 Feb
Colwyn Bay, Theatr Colwyn: 27 Feb
Brecon, Theatr Brycheiniog: 4 Mar

English National Opera
Sullivan,A: The Pirates of Penzance
London, Coliseum: 9, 11, 16, 18, 23 Feb, 4, 9, 11, 16, 18, 21, 23, 25 Mar

Puccini: La Boheme
Birmingham, mac birmingham: 9 Feb

Opera North
Rossini: Cinderella
Leeds, Grand Theatre: 16, 18m, 21, 23, 25m Feb

Welsh National Opera
Martin,F: Le vin herbé
Cardiff, Wales Millennium Centre: 16 Feb

Mid Wales Opera
Mozart: The Magic Flute
Newtown, Powys, Theatr Hafren: 17 Feb
Aberystwyth Arts Centre: 7 Mar
Pontardawe, The Arts Centre: 9 Mar
Bangor, Pontio: 26 Apr
Newport, Gwent, The Riverfront: 4 May

Various: Opera Cocktail
Bury St Edmunds, Theatre Royal: 17 Feb

Welsh National Opera
Puccini: Madam Butterfly
Cardiff, Wales Millennium Centre: 17 Feb

Mahogany Opera Group
Hind: Lost in Thought
Hamburg, Elbphilharmonie: 18, 19 Feb
Hamburg, Elbphilharmonie: 18, 19 Feb

Anthony Young: Ulla's Odyssey
London, Finchley, Arts Depot: 19 Feb

Mahogany Opera Group
Various: Various Stages Festival
London, Institute of Contemporary Arts: 24m Feb

English Touring Opera
Puccini: Tosca
London, Hackney Empire: 4, 9 Mar
Poole, Lighthouse: 18 Mar
Sheffield, Lyceum Theatre: 21 Mar
Bromley, Churchill Theatre: 25 Mar
Snape Maltings, Concert Hall: 30 Mar, 1 Apr
York, Theatre Royal: 8 Apr
Wolverhampton, Grand Theatre: 11 Apr
Leicester, Curve: 13 Apr
Cheltenham, Everyman Theatre: 19, 22 Apr
Cambridge, Arts Theatre: 25, 28, 29 Apr
Guildford, G-Live: 2 May
Buxton, Opera House: 4, 5 May
Coventry, Warwick Arts Centre: 9 May
Canterbury, Marlowe Theatre: 13 May
Durham, Gala Theatre: 16 May
Perth, Concert Hall: 18 May
Exeter, Northcott Theatre: 23, 26, 27 May
Truro, Hall for Cornwall: 29 May
Norwich, Theatre Royal: 1, 2 Jun
Stoke-on-Trent, The Regent Theatre: 5 Jun
Ulverston, Coronation Hall: 7 Jun
Blackpool, Grand Theatre: 10 Jun
Sullivan,A: Patience
London, Hackney Empire: 8, 10 Mar
Poole, Sullivan, Lighthouse: 17 Mar
Sheffield, Lyceum Theatre: 20 Mar
Bromley, Churchill Theatre: 24 Mar
Snape, Maltings Concert Hall: 31 Mar
York, Theatre Royal: 7 Apr
Wolverhampton, Grand Theatre: 10 Apr
Leicester, Curve: 12 Apr
Cheltenham, Everyman Theatre: 20, 21 Apr
Cambridge Arts Theatre: 26, 27 Apr
Buxton, Opera House: 6 May
Coventry, Warwick Arts Centre: 8 May
Canterbury, Marlowe Theatre: 12 May
Durham, Gala Theatre: 15 May
Exeter, Northcott Theatre: 24, 25 May
Truro, Hall for Cornwall: 30 May
Norwich, Theatre Royal: 3 Jun

Streetwise Opera
Various: Opera Hour
Gosforth, Civic Theatre: 9 Mar

Grange Park Opera
Puccini: Tosca
Horsley, West Horsley Place: 8, 10, 15, 18 Jun

Longborough Festival Opera
Wagner,Richard: Tristan und Isolde
Longborough, Opera House: 8m, 10m, 12m, 14m Jun

Grange Park Opera
Janáček: Jenůfa
Horsley, West Horsley Place: 11, 17 Jun