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The OMTF is a network of companies working to create an environment in which opera and music theatre can flourish.  We represent the interests of professional organisations producing and promoting opera and music theatre throughout the UK.  Read more...

 Recent OMTF Events
How to create a more successful organisation by embracing diversity
October 18, 2017
Travers Smith, London EC1A, UK

As arts practitioners, we can always learn from other sectors.  Join us and other opera and music theatre colleagues to hear from representatives of a range of sectors and people who are successfully achieving change. Plus sessions on Unconscious Bias, Marketing, Wellbeing, Fundraising and Managing Diversity policies.


 Past OMTF Events
How Can We Change Opera For The Better?
April 9 and 10, 2016
Lilian Baylis House, London, UK

A weekend of passionate discussion and informal conversation to help shape the future of opera. Open to all members of the operatic community: practitioners and audiences, administrators and technicians, friends and critics, newcomers and old hands.

Open Space discussion facilitated by Improbable in partnership with the English National Opera and Tête à Tête, and in association with the Royal Opera House, the National Opera Coordinating Committee, Opera Europa and OMTF.

35+ reports from the event are available here

Friday 31st July 2015
Regent Theatre, Regent High School, London

An OMTF symposium exploring the key issues in fundraising; the many different ways of raising money in an era of diminishing public funding; how to find and hold on to your funders and donors; planning fundraising strategies; building effective cases for public funding; and what it takes to be successful.

Panels and surgeries with experts from Glyndebourne, The Royal Opera House, Welsh National Opera and more will provide opportunities to learn from some of the most successful fundraisers in the sector.

Suitable for companies of all shapes and sizes.

What are we going to do about Opera?
June 6 and 7, 2015
Royal Opera House, London, UK

A weekend of passionate discussion and informal conversation open to all members of the operatic community: artists and audiences, administrators and technicians, friends and critics, newcomers and old hands.

Open Space discussion facilitated by Improbable in partnership with the Royal Opera House, Tête à Tête, National Opera Coordinating Committee and Opera Europa.

Reports from the Devoted and Disgruntled event are available here.


Friday 1st August 2014, 2-5pm
King's Place, London

How does your company reach the right people? What makes your company and shows unique and appealing to audiences, funders, promoters and everyone who matters to you? An OMTF Symposium exploring how an organisation’s distinctive profile can improve both its place in the market and its ticket sales.

Speakers from English Touring Opera; Kings Place; Mahogany Opera Group; Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

The 2013 Conference, Future Tense, hosted by the Royal Opera House, London, focused on what the world might be like in 2030.

Artists, business leaders, policy-makers and thinkers sought to understand a rapidly changing arts sector in a rapidly changing world.  Speakers included Royal Opera House Artistic Director Kasper Holten, playwright/librettist Mark Ravenhill, Bill Winters, CEO and Chairman, Renshaw Bay, Phillida Cheetham, Policy Department, Which? and Marcus Romer, Artistic Director, Pilot Theatre.  More details on the event page...
The 2013 Open Event was Innovation, Innovation, Innovation: Embracing the Digital Revolution hosted by the Tête à Tête Festival at the Riverside Studios, London in August 2013.

A wide range of digital applications were discussed with speakers including The Space, The Young Vic, the Royal Opera House and NESTA.
Watch the presentations and see more details on the event page...


The City Lit Opera School's end-of-year showcase includes both Gluck's Orpheus and Euridice and Menotti's The Old Maid and the Thief

The City Lit runs a year-long course for singers preparing for conservatoires or entering the profession with staged workshop performances at the end of each term.  The final term sees fully staged productions; this year, love and morality are the connecting theme.

In Gluck’s Orpheus and Euridice the price of looking at Euridice whilst trying to rescue her from Hades will be to lose her, warns Cupid when, following her death, Orpheus begs him to bring her back to life.  But she does not understand his unwillingness to look at her and refuses to go with him.  What is he to do? City Lit Opera presents an adapted version of the original, which includes ballet sequences, to focus on the text.

The Old Maid and the Thief is full of moral decisions for a young maid and the old maid of the title.  What is love worth? Two lonely women take in a handsome wanderer who might or might not be a thief.  Should they turn to theft to keep him there? Should they rob a liquor store to provide him with the drink he asks for? And should the young maid ransack the house and run away with him leaving the old maid with nothing?

The City Lit Opera School’s Summer showcase, Love and Morality opens at St Mary’s Church, Maldon, on July 7 as part of the Maldon Festival and moves to the John Lyon Theatre at the City Lit in London for two performances starting on July 10.

City Lit Opera School profile


Bampton Classical Opera spreads a little joy with Nicolò Isouard's Cendrillon

It’s summer, it’s tough out there and what we really need is a little gentle frivolity.  What could be better than a story everyone knows and loves from their childhood – Cinderella?  True love wins, cruelty is overcome, confusions resolved, the right decision is made and everyone is happy - except perhaps Cinderella’s self-serving siblings.  Which is exactly as it should be.

Isouard’s opera Cendrillon is based on the fairy-tale by Charles Perrault and was very popular during the composer’s lifetime.  It became a rarity after Rossini created his version of the tale but was recently nominated in the ‘Rediscovered Opera’ category at the International Opera Awards following performances in America.

It has been freshly translated for this new production by Gilly French with dialogues by Jeremy Gray, the artistic directors of Bampton Classical Opera which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.  Happily, the performance also marks the bicentenary of Isouard’s death; he died in 1818.

The premiere of Bampton Classical Opera’s new translation of Cinderella by Nicolò Isouard opens at the Deanery Garden, Bampton on July 20, moves to the Orangery at Westonbirt on August 27 and to St John’s Smith Square on September 18.

Bampton Classical Opera profile


Garsington Opera's 2018 Season features a trio of last operas - Verdi's Falstaff, Richard Strauss's Capriccio, and Mozart's Die Zauberflöte plus the world premiere of The Skating Rink by David Sawer and Rory Mullarkey

There are always questions about a composer’s last work: does it sum up their life’s work? Does it reveal their convictions about the meaning of life? Mozart died at the tragically early age of 35 whilst trying to finish the Requiem which he knew would be his last work, but he may have been less pessimistic when he conducted the very successful premiere of Die Zauberflöte, some two months earlier.  Through the fairy tale world of enchanted quests and ordeals the opera celebrates the triumph of love and reason over chaos and evil – an expression of his profound beliefs.

Richard Strausss died in his late seventies and Capriccio, which he firmly declared to be his last opera, is a conversation piece about the nature of opera and an issue that concerned him for all of his composing life.  Through the dilemma of the heroine who has to make her choice of a lover between a composer and a playwright he asks which has primacy, the words or the music?

Verdi was also in his late seventies when he started work on Falstaff and was concerned that his age might prevent him from completing it.  It’s a mellow comedy which involves repentance for the protagonist and an acceptance by everyone of the absurdity of the human condition – which seems like a reasonable final message.  The opera is based on the Shakespeare play in which Falstaff, now an old man, and still pursuing an unhealthy lifestyle and easy routes to cash, attempts to woo various wives of Windsor and has to graciously accept defeat.  Verdi outlived his creation by a further seven years but never composed another opera.

The season closes with Garsington Opera’s first festival world premiere, an opera by composer David Sawer with a libretto by playwright Rory Mullarkey.  Based on the award-winning novel The Skating Rink by Chilean author Roberto Bolaño, it draws on Spanish and Latin American musical influences.  Nuria, a beautiful young skating champion, has a powerful admirer, Enric, whose obsession drives him to pilfer funds to build her an ice rink in a deserted Spanish mansion.  A murder on the ice becomes the centre of a tale of jealousy, political corruption and the lengths people will go to for those they love.

Garsington Opera’s 2018 season opens on May 31 with Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte and continues with Richard Strauss’s Capriccio on June 1, and Verdi’s Falstaff on June 16The Skating Rink by composer David Sawer and librettist Rory Mullarkey (world premiere on July 5) completes the season.

Garsington Opera profile


Change is at the heart of Longborough Festival Opera's 2018 season with Wagner's Der fliegende Holländer, Verdi's La traviata, Strauss's Ariadne auf Naxos and Monteverdi's L'incoronazione di Poppea

Loosely connecting the four operas in Longborough Opera’s 2018 season is the the bitter-sweet nature of love and its transformative power.  In Der fliegende Holländer, the captain of a ghostly ship doomed to sail the sea forever is redeemed by the love of a faithful woman.  Inspired by the legend of the Flying Dutchman and the composer’s experiences of a frightening sea crossing (he was escaping from creditors), it was Wagner’s first step from opera to music drama.

La traviata, Verdi’s most frequently performed work, is the story of a pair of star-crossed lovers, a famous courtesan and a young man of respectable family.  The hero’s father attempts to separate them using a cynical ploy which assumes the worst of a woman who sells herself for gain.  But love transforms her into a self-sacrificing heroine worthy of his respect.

Richard Strauss makes his Longborough debut with Ariadne auf Naxos.  It intriguingly combines a serious opera in the classical style in which the deserted Ariadne observes how an old love must always give way to the new with Commedia dell'arte.  A prologue explains how the unusual form of the work came about: a rich host’s absurd requirement that two separate entertainments be performed for him simultaneously to save time.  The performers, tragic and comic alike, must tailor their efforts to their employer's requirements and in the process create something completely new.

The domestic situations of the protagonists in Monteverdi’s L'incoronazione di Poppea are certainly transformed as Poppea, mistress of the Emperor, seeks the crown and the banishment of his wife – but whether for the better is anyone’s guess in a society where, as the God of Love (or lust) boasts, he rules.  Monteverdi’s last opera, considered his finest achievement, provides the platform for the Longborough’s Young Artists, the company’s annual programme to provide world-class performance opportunities to singers and players at the beginning of their careers.

The Longborough Festival opens on June 6 with Wagner’s Der fliegende Holländer and continues on June 23 with Verdi’s La traviata and on July 13 with Ariadne auf Naxos by Richard Strauss.  The season ends with Monteverdi’s L'incoronazione di Poppea which opens on July 28 for four performances.  All performances take place in the Opera House, Longborough

Longborough Festival Opera profile

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Jun 2018
to 24 Jun
This Is My Bed
English Touring Opera continues its ambitious outreach work with a new opera for a special audience 
Jun 2018
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And Now For Something Completely Different
The National Opera Studio and Second Movement team up to create new audition pieces 
May 2018
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Travelling Hopefully
Iford Arts' 25th anniversary season takes us on a series of journeys with Bernstein's Candide, Handel's Partenope and Puccini's Madame Butterfly 
May 2018
to 19 May
Conflict Zones
Stories from the frontlines of human misery: a provocative new double bill of mini operas from Ashley John Long and Jane Fox at Asking4It Productions 
Apr 2018
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Mothers and Sons
Mahogany Opera Group premiers a new work by Laurence Osborne about family relationships 
Apr 2018
to 24 Apr
Broad Stripes and Bright Stars
The National Opera Studio presents an evening of American opera 
Apr 2018
to 15 Apr
What is the Truth About Love?
Streetwise Opera's latest work celebrates life and love on Tyneside 
Feb 2018
to 07 Jun
Fireworks and Fun
Rossini provides vocal display, Mozart a comedy and Puccini a punchy double bill: it all makes for a sparkling spring tour from English Touring Opera 
Feb 2018
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Full On Russian
Mid Wales Opera follows up their amuse-bouche with main course Onegin 
Mar 2018
to 28 Mar
Tangled Webs
The City Lit Opera School's spring showcase 
Feb 2018
to 08 Mar
Something Old, Something New...
New company The Opera Story reinvents two classic tales in Goldilocks and the Three Little Pigs 
Feb 2018
to 06 Mar
From Russia With Love
The National Opera Studio’s first residency of 2018 takes Russian classics to Scotland 
Dec 2017
to 14 Dec
Ethereal intervention
The City Lit Opera School's first showcase of the new academic year 
Dec 2017
to 22 Feb
The National Opera Studio Goes Forth
Nov 2017
to 03 Dec
Small is Beautiful
Mid Wales Opera's new production of Walton's The Bear targets the smallest venues 
Nov 2017
to 23 Dec
Breaking with Tradition
OperaUpClose's latest reimagining sets Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin in the 1960s 
Nov 2017
to 11 Nov
Uncertain Journeys
New Glyndebourne Youth Opera commission by Lewis Murphy and Laura Attridge explores the theme of child migration 
Oct 2017
to 14 Nov
Roman History, Greek Mythology -- The Baroque Treatment
English Touring Opera's Autumn season features Handel's Giulio Cesare and Rameau's Dardanus 
Oct 2017
to 18 Oct
OMTF Conference : The Value of Inclusion
How to create a more successful organisation by embracing diversity, with advice and insights from leading law firm Travers Smith 
Oct 2017
to 09 Oct
Rough For Opera #16
Second Movement's second scratch night of the year includes new opera from composers Michael Betteridge, Georgina Bowden and Michael-Jon Mizra 
Sep 2017
to 08 Sep
British Youth Opera's season features Judith Weir's Vanishing Bridegroom and Mozart's Don Giovanni 
Sep 2017
to 06 Oct
The Magic of the Theatre
OperaUpClose reinvents Mozart's Magic Flute 
Aug 2017
to 10 Aug
The Music Troupe presents a spicy new chamber opera
Jul 2017
to 30 Jul
The Spirit of Paris
The city is as much the star of Operacoast's summer project Gustav Charpentier’s Louise as the central romance 
Jul 2017
to 13 Aug
Stories Current and Classic, Themes for Adults and Children, but Always New Music-- It's #TATFEST17
Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival unleashes its tenth celebration of new opera including complete short operas and works-in-progress 
Jul 2017
to 20 Aug
End Call
OperaUpClose mounts a new production of Poulenc's La Voix Humaine 
Jul 2017
to 12 Sep
Lessons from the Green-Eyed Monster
Bampton Classical Opera scores another first with the Salieri opera The School of Jealousy 
Jul 2017
to 31 Aug
Opera della Luna will lift our spirits this summer with an operetta by Johann Strauss 
Jun 2017
to 02 Jul
Power Games
The use and abuse of power drives operas by Puccini, Janacek and Wagner in Grange Park Opera's first season in its new home at West Horsley Place 
Jun 2017
to 14 Jun
Dramatic Missions
The Longborough Festival Opera season features a seminal work by Gluck and operas by Beethoven, Mozart and Wagner – all influenced by his musical reforms 
Jun 2017
to 04 Jul
All About Love
Garsington Opera's summer season includes Handel, Mozart, Debussy and Rossini together with a new commission from Roxanna Panufnik 
May 2017
to 17 Jul
Y Tŵr
Music Theatre Wales' first Welsh language opera explores the challenges of love, change and ageing 
May 2017
to 13 Jun
Intimate Experiences
Iford Arts hosts big emotions in their small but perfectly formed space – Love in La boheme and the Barber of Seville; grief and hope in Handel's Jephtha 
May 2017
to 07 May
#LoveOpera Weekend, May 5--7
Following OMTF's successful campaign last May we will once again be celebrating live opera and music theatre in the UK 
May 2017
to 06 May
Dubai-Rostov-New York - Adventures in Faraway Places
The National Opera Studio showcases new works by three celebrated female composers, Joanna Marsh, Elena Langer and Errollyn Wallen 
Mar 2017
to 02 Mar
A Chorus of Celebration
Composers in residence around the country help celebrate Streetwise Opera anniversary 
Mar 2017
to 06 Mar
National Opera Studio @ Scottish Opera
This year's students in their first residency of the year 
Mar 2017
to 07 Mar
Rough For Opera #15
Three test performances from composers Catherine Kontz, Benjamin Tassie and Jonathan Higgins 
Mar 2017
to 10 Jun
Resisting Power and Pretension
English Touring Opera's new tour features Puccini's Tosca, and Gilbert and Sullivan's satirical Patience 
Feb 2017
to 04 Mar
Back On the Road
Mid Wales Opera hits the road with Handel's Semele, Mozart's Magic Flute and an ambitious programme for the future 
Feb 2017
to 24 Feb
Various Stages
Mahogany Opera Group's annual showcase of new work-in-progress is expanding for 2017 

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Bampton Classical Opera
Isouard: Cinderella
Bampton, Deanery Garden: 20, 21 Jul
Westonbirt, The Orangery: 27 Aug
London, St John's Smith Square: 18 Sep

Buxton Festival Opera
Verdi: Alzira
Buxton, Opera House: 20 Jul

Garsington Opera
Verdi: Falstaff

Stokenchurch, Wormsley: 20, 22 Jul

Handel: Giulio Cesare in Egitto
Glyndebourne, Opera House: 20m, 24m, 28m Jul

Opera Holland Park
Mascagni: Isabeau
London, Holland Park Theatre: 20, 26, 28 Jul

Royal Opera
Puccini: La bohème
London, ROH: 20m, 20 Jul

Buxton Festival Opera
Mozart: Idomeneo
Buxton, Opera House: 21 Jul

Garsington Opera
Mozart: Die Zauberflöte

Stokenchurch, Wormsley: 21 Jul

Debussy: Pelléas et Mélisande
Glyndebourne, Opera House: 21m, 23m, 26m, 29m Jul, 1m, 4m, 6m, 9m Aug

Iford Arts
Puccini: Madame Butterfly

Bradford on Avon, Iford Manor: 21, 24, 26, 28, 31 Jul, 2, 4 Aug

Longborough Festival Opera
Strauss,R: Ariadne auf Naxos

Longborough, Opera House: 21 Jul

Opera Holland Park
Strauss,R: Ariadne auf Naxos
London, Holland Park Theatre: 21, 25, 27 Jul

Opera Rara
Donizetti: L'Ange de Nisida
London, ROH: 21 Jul

Royal Opera
Verdi: Falstaff
London, ROH: 21 Jul

Handel: Saul
Glyndebourne, Opera House: 22m, 27m, 30m Jul, 3m, 8m, 11m, 13m, 16m, 18m, 21m, 23m, 25m Aug

Irish National Opera
Gluck: Orfeo ed Euridice
Galway, Town Hall Theatre: 23, 23, 26, 28, 29 Jul

Dorset Opera
Massenet: Le Cid
Blandford Forum, Bryanston School, Coade Theatre: 24, 26, 28 Jul
Puccini: La bohème
Blandford Forum, Bryanston School, Coade Theatre: 25, 27, 28 Jul

Scottish Opera
Leoncavallo: Pagliacci
Paisley Opera House: 26, 28, 29 Jul

Longborough Festival Opera
Monteverdi: L'incoronazione di Poppea

Longborough, Opera House: 28, 30, 31 Jul, 2 Aug

Garsington Opera
John Barber / Hazel Gould: Eliza and the Swans
Stokenchurch, Wormsley: 3 Aug

Music at Woodhouse
Mozart: Così fan tutte
Holmbury St Mary, Woodhouse, Lake Amphitheatre: 4m, 5m Aug

Théâtre des Champs-Elysées
Rossini: The Barber of Seville
Edinburgh, Festival Theatre: 5, 7, 8 Aug

Barber: Vanessa
Glyndebourne, Opera House: 5, 7m, 10m, 12m, 14m, 17m, 19m, 22m, 24m, 26m Aug

Edinburgh International Festival
Wagner,Richard: Siegfried
Edinburgh, Usher Hall: 8 Aug

Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord
Pepusch: The Beggar's Opera
Edinburgh, King's Theatre: 16, 17, 18, 19 Aug

Music Theatre Wales
Dusapin: Passion
Basingstoke, The Anvil: 11 Oct
London, SBC, Queen Elizabeth Hall: 13 Oct
Cardiff, Wales Millennium Centre: 23 Oct
Snape, Maltings: 30 Oct
Salford Quays, The Lowry: 6 Nov
Mold, Clwyd Theatr Cymru: 10 Nov

Tchaikovsky: Eugene Onegin
London, Artsdepot: 3 Nov