Following OMTF's successful campaign last May we will once again be celebrating live opera and music theatre in the UK

#LoveOpera 2017 will spotlight the volume and variety of opera and music theatre activity around the country and celebrate venues and their relationships with local audiences.  As last year we are inviting individuals and organisations to join in the celebration using the Twitter hashtag #LoveOpera and to encourage others to do the same together with links, pictures and videos.

OMTF will be facilitating the weekend’s tweets including sessions run by guests and we will be encouraging those who are unable to tweet during this period to send material in advance so that we can share it.

To spread the word about opera activity tweets should relate to specific events and wherever possible include links to performances and venues, photographs, trailers, videos, pictures and audio clips.  Tweets can refer to any activity relating to performances and the venues they take place in during the weekend and in the future.  Activities could for example include rehearsing, performing, planning, travelling on tour, leading a workshop, events with local audiences, the history of the venue, going to a show or watching a live stream. 

The celebration is part of European Opera Days #operadays, an annual event which celebrates opera as an art form throughout Europe.  http://www.operadays.eu/.

Contact: Caroline Anderson: c.f.anderson@ntlworld.com