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Address:Asking4It Productions
Tel:07988 257 527
Brenda OakesChairman
Jane Fox **Artistic Director
Ashley John LongComposer, Music Director
Ian GrantCo-Producer
** main contact
Conflict ZonesMay 2018
Stories from the frontlines of human misery: a provocative new double bill of mini operas from Ashley John Long and Jane Fox at Asking4It Productions

Asking4It Productions are a young company whose aim is to explore poignant and sensitive issues often hidden from public view.  They don’t choose easy subjects: their recent projects have explored harrowing topics such as the meaning of cancer and its treatments and forced child marriage.  Their new new double bill explores the sex trade, slavery and human trafficking and is part of the Wales Millennium Centre’s Performances for the Curious season of compelling and critically-lauded new work.

Peacekeeping, a chamber opera for four voices, harp, oboe, cello and percussion is a multi-layered story about the trade in human beings.  The Filmmaker and The Organ Trader featuring an electronic score evoking an industrial, transport and internal body soundscape is an unusual love story between clowns which delves into their dark, lucrative world of body harvesting and organ trading.  Bought, sold, filmed, exhausted, transplanted and sold again.  Is equality ever possible while men pay women for sex? People are selling organs to survive.  Children are being kidnapped.  Refugees and displaced people are at risk from traffickers and brokers.  Both works pose the question: Who does your body belong to?

The premiere of the double bill Peacekeping with The Filmmaker and the Organ Trader by Ashley John Long and Jane Fox takes place on May 19 in the cabaret venue ffresh at the Wales Millennium Centre.