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Address:Bampton Classical Opera
Holcot House
Market Square
Oxfordshire OX18 2JJ  
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Jeremy Gray**Artistic Director
Gilly FrenchArtistic Director
** main contact
Bampton Opera prescribes Haydn's jaunty comedy about an apothecary, his ward and her suitorsSep 2015

Lo Speziale was Haydn’s first opera for the new theatre at Esterhaza.  With a libretto by Goldoni it’s a variation on familiar 18th century themes and characters: Grilletta, a beautiful ward, the increasingly desperate suitors Mengone and Volpino (the latter a trouser role), and Sempronio, an avaricious guardian, who doesn’t pay proper attention to his work because he is addicted to following the news.  It has plots and disguises and in this case the added spice of an Ottoman pasha - which was very fashionable at the time.  The Apothecary, in an English translation, opens at Wotton House as part of the Music at Wotton concert series on September 19 and then has a private performance at the Apothecaries Hall in London.  Let’s hope Sempronio is not struck off for neglecting his duties.