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Sir John HannamChairman
Timothy DeanArtistic Director
David Balcombe **Executive Director
Stuart BarkerArtistic Administrator
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DisappearancesSep 2017
British Youth Opera's season features Judith Weir's Vanishing Bridegroom and Mozart's Don Giovanni

It’s tempting to wonder what these stories say about masculinity since they feature men in a negative light, with abandoned brides and grimly cruel men – but they certainly indicate British Youth Opera’s eclectic tastes and their aim to give their young singers practical experience of the varied repertoire they will be required to undertake from the great classics to contemporary work.

BYO’s 30th Anniversary Season opens with a rare production of Judith Weir’s 1990 The Vanishing Bridegroom.  A missing legacy; a disappearing husband; a sinister, handsome stranger: three Scottish folk tales of marriage and abandonment, mystery and fable are woven into one compelling opera.  It will be directed by Stuart Barker.

The company's first production in 1987 was Don Giovanni and they are now returning to the great anti-hero, this time directed by James Hurley.  Hedonistic and headstrong, Don Giovanni lives his amoral philandering existence with no thought for his conquests or the consequences – until his murderous past finally catches up with him in one of the most famous of stage exits. 

Southbank Sinfonia, which also provides a springboard into the orchestral profession, plays for both operas.  It will be conducted by James Holmes (The Vanishing Bridegroom) and Lionel Friend (Don Giovanni).

The British Youth Opera season opens at the Peacock Theatre, London on September 2 with Judith Weir’s The Vanishing Bridegroom and continues on September 5 with Mozart’s Don Giovanni.