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Address:Mahogany Opera Group
12 Carlton House Terrace
London SW1Y 5AH  
Tel:+44 20 3111 1940
Frederic Wake-WalkerArtistic Director
Ally Rosser**General Manager
Rebecca RedcliftDevelopment Manager
Ann BarkwayAssociate Producer, Children and Young People
Kirsten Peters RoebuckAssistant Producer
** main contact
BilliardsOct 2015
Mahogany Opera Group and Ergo Phizmiz – A Work-In-Progress

Billiards is a space-music-history-sci-fi-game-show-opera to be mounted at the King’s College London Arts & Humanities Festival.  It follows composer WA Mozart and electronic sound pioneer Raymond Scott, as they accidentally meet through a hole torn in the universe and debate random chance and the creation of music with help from film-maker Georges Méliès, Lewis Carroll’s logic games and composers JS Bach and John Cage.  The piece will be developed further in 2016 but its first outing, alongside panel discussions about the notions of authorship, is on October 14 in the Great Hall on the King’s Strand Campus.  It’s free but booking is required.