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The Golden Dragon - New Recipe!Jul 2016
Music Theatre Wales premiers a new English language version of Peter Eötvös's fable of modern life

The Golden Dragon, based on a play by Roland Schimmelpfennig was premiered in Germany in 2014 and its themes of migration, exploitation, hopes and lost dreams remain powerfully relevant.

Part-comedy, part-tragedy, The Golden Dragon is set in a pan-Asian restaurant and follows the story of a Chinese immigrant working illegally in the kitchen.  It opens with slapstick humour as he tries to deal with his toothache, and turns to pathos as it highlights the potential horrors facing those who seek refuge in foreign lands and unravels two parallel stories about the plight of those who find themselves outside society.  Music Theatre Wales will stage it with the orchestra on stage participating in every moment as players and observers.

For this new production, Eötvös himself has created a new English language version, including some exciting re-working of his original score.

Music Theatre Wales will premiere a new version of Peter Eötvös’s opera The Golden Dragon at the Buxton Festival on July 18.  It tours to London, Cardiff and Basingstoke from September 14.