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Expressing the InexpressibleOct 2018
Music Theatre Wales takes on a new challenge – dance-opera – with Pasal Dusapin's Passion

“Music exists to express the inexpressible”.  Music Theatre Wales notes that this description by Debussy refers equally to dance.  And they propose to prove it with their new production featuring both voice and body.  Dance-opera is a genre that it beginning to appear in the performing arts sector and the company are extending not only the variety of their work but their series of international works new to UK audiences.

Pascal Dusapin’s Passion has been seen widely across Europe but not yet in the UK.  In co-production with the National Dance Company Wales and working with contemporary specialists the London Sinfonietta and vocal ensemble EXAUDI, Music Theatre Wales have commissioned a new English translation from Amanda Holden.

Passion, inspired by the Orpheus myth, explores the pain and passion of two lovers who are forced apart into separate worlds.  But there is an intriguing contemporary take; it is the woman who is the centre of the action.  The classical version of the story focusses on the point of view of Orpheus – how Euridice’s death and his subsequent actions affect him; she has no choice in the attempted rescue.  Passion puts her perspective centre stage.

Passion will be performed by two singers and an ensemble of dancers.  The movement of the dancers becomes an extension of the feelings and desires of the characters portrayed by the singers.  The production aims to achieve a poetic unity between voice and body, movement and sound, music and emotion, where words alone can never be enough.

Passion, by Pascal Dusapin in a new production by Music Theatre Wales, a co-production with the National Dance Company Wales and created in association with the London Sinfonietta and Exaudi opens at the Anvil, Basingstoke, on October 11 and then tours until mid November.