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Jeff ClarkeArtistic Director
Hankie-PankyJul 2017
Opera della Luna will lift our spirits this summer with an operetta by Johann Strauss

There are echoes of Othello in the device of a dangerous handkerchief potentially causing fatal jealousy – but fortunately The Queen's Lace Handkerchief is a comedy which brings us truffles and Cervantes (yes, the Spanish novelist), political shenanigins (always topical) and a bullfight, oysters and adultery.

Das Spitzentuch der Königin was a huge success in Vienna and New York in the 1880s but was never presented in London, perhaps because Gilbert and Sullivan were at the height of their fame.  Nevertheless many of the tunes are now well-known, as Strauss later re-used them in his famous orchestral waltzes.  Roses of the South is just one of the many familiar melodies contained within the show’s sparkling score.

Translated and directed by the company’s Artistic Director Jeff Clarke, this will be the first professional production of the Handkerchief in the UK – an occasion not to be sneezed at. 

The Queen’s Lace Handkerchief by Johann Strauss produced by Opera della Luna previews at the Roxburgh Theatre, Stowe on July 21 prior to opening at Wilton’s Music Hall, London on August 29 for three performances.