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Address:Opera della Luna
7 Cotmore House
Bicester OX7 8RQ  
Tel:+44 1869 325131
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Jeff ClarkeArtistic Director
Opera della Luna has Plans to Provoke with a New Orpheus in the UnderworldJun 2015

Critics were outraged by the first performance of Offenbach’s Orpheus in the Underworld in 1858, thinking that it made fun of hallowed antiquity; but it was his own bourgeois society that the composer was satirising and the waltzes and marches from the operetta were played constantly from the Tuileries to the smallest taverns, whilst the Galop Infernal or ‘Cancan’ became one of the most famous dance tunes ever written.  Opera della Luna’s new translation by Artistic Director Jeff Clarke has similar ambitions; it will cast a satirical eye on our own society in much the same way as the original lambasted Second Empire Paris.  The production opens at the Iford Festival on June 27 after which it tours to the Roxburgh Theatre, Stowe and the Lowry, Salford.