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Address:Second Movement
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Nicholas ChalmersArtistic Director
Oliver MearsArtistic Director
Abigail Toland **Producer
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Rough For Opera #15Mar 2017
Three test performances from composers Catherine Kontz, Benjamin Tassie and Jonathan Higgins

Second Movement has been running scratch nights for new operas since 2011, a process which allows participants to receive feedback about their work at an early stage in its development.  It has become an essential platform for some of Tete a Tete's breaking artists so for this edition the two companies are working together to present Rough for Opera #15.

In A Certain Sense Of Order, Catherine Kontz explores the poetry of Anne Sexton, the multiplicities of identity, and the relationship between poetic and therapeutic practice.  The collaboratively-devised work with Sasha Amaya (director) and Naomi Woo (music director) investigates the mind through both sonic and physical modalities.

Hurricane Zoo by Benjamin Tassie (music) is an adaptation of Hunter S Thompson’s short story First Visit with Mescalito.  Encapsulating the zeitgeist of the 60’s counterculture, Thompson’s alter ego, Duke, uses a mescaline drug trip to rage against the failed promises of the American Dream.  Gestalt Arts are developing the work as an opera installation piece to form a reflection of the current issues facing the millennial generation. 

In the years following the building of the Berlin Wall thousands of refugees attempted to escape over the wall into West Berlin.  Set one month after the wall’s construction, Schutzwall, (by Jonathan Higgins) tells the story of two sisters who meet either side to wait for nightfall and their chance to be reunited.

Rough for Opera #15 presented by Second Movement and Tete a Tete and featuring new work by Catherine Kontz, Benjamin Tassie and Jonathan Higgins takes place on March 7 at The Cockpit, London.