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Address:Second Movement
30 Chiddingstone Street
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Nicholas ChalmersArtistic Director
Oliver MearsArtistic Director
Abigail Toland **Producer
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Rough For Opera #16Oct 2017
Second Movement's second scratch night of the year includes new opera from composers Michael Betteridge, Georgina Bowden and Michael-Jon Mizra

Now a regular calendar fixture, Second Movement’s platform for composers to share work in progress in an informal and intimate atmosphere continues this autumn with a trio of new material on October 9.

The evening offers Can you Give Up Your Seat Please? a brief piece touching on issues of corporate responsibility, advertising and the rituals of capitalism by Michael-Jon Mizra (composer and librettist); Radium by Georgina Bowden (composer) and Eleanor Knight (librettist) about the young women employed to paint luminous dials on clocks and watches; and Voicings by the Voicings Collective Michael Betteridge (composer) Rebecca Hurst (writer) and Freya Wynn-Jones (director/performer) which poses the questions: If we discover we’re powerless in the face of the inevitable, will we go kicking and screaming, or with quiet dignity, or will we succumb to blissful apathy?

As always there will be a post performance Q and A in which Professor Paul Barker (RCSSD) gathers feedback from the audience to help the teams develop their work further.Rough for Opera#16 is on October 9 at The Cockpit, London.