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Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival - The Revolution ContinuesJul 2015
The festival returns to King’s Cross for its 9th year of innovation, bigger than ever with more than 100 performances and over 40 new works

Tête à Tête is committed to redefining and reclaiming ‘opera’.  Supporting artistic development, nourishing new ideas and keeping ticket prices low enough to encourage its audiences to take risks all help to challenge the status quo and encourage change.  Established companies rub shoulders with new producers; experienced composers with neophytes; some works are still in progress, others take place out of the blue and on the street, and this year two club nights will explore the boundary between opera and nightclubs (with a guest DJ from Nonclassical)

.As always the range of composers, librettists and subject matter is eclectic.  The festival opens with a Streetwise Opera/Tête à Tête co-production about the uses and abuses of TV (People Watch) and closes with the end of the world, (Loré Lixenberg’s Panic Room) and a holiday-inspired flashmob piece in a secret location.  In between there are adaptations of familiar works (Turandot Reimagined in Mandarin and M.R James’ Whistle and I’ll Come to You); dramatisations of classic texts by Chekov (Life Stories), Rilke (Insomnia) and Dorothy Parker (A Telephone Call); family friendly productions for children of all ages (Waxwings, The Fisherman and his Wife); and pieces to make you laugh (Your Call… and a setting of Kees Moeliker’s 2003 Ig Nobel award-winning scientific paper the first case of homosexual necrophilia in the mallard).  Science appears a little more seriously with the discovery of DNA (Minerva Scientifica: The Franklin Effect) and living with mental illness is explored (Hearing Voices).  There’s the first Iranian opera with an English libretto (The Doll behind the Curtain); a psychological thriller (The Water Palace); and true stories about people (the mathematician ÉVARISTE and the entomologist Miriam Rothschild Minerva Scientifica: Miriam).  Moreover those with a taste for surrealism (Opera with a Title and an adaptation of André Breton’s Nadja’s Song); and the ‘invigoratingly experimental' (Bastard Assignments3, and the world’s first ever sonata for YouTube) will find plenty to enjoy.  And what revolutionary opera festival could possibly be complete without a double bill about how to do opera without any voice at all? (The Artist, His Muse, The Singer and Her Lover)

The ninth Tête: à Tête: The Opera Festival opens at The Place on July 21 and closes on August 9 having visited a variety of venues in and around King’s Cross