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32 Lilyville Road
London SW6 5DW  
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Bill Bankes-JonesArtistic Director
Anna GreggGeneral Management
Caroline Steane**Company Secretary
Sarah PlayfairConsultant
** main contact
Tête à Tête at its own Opera FestivalAug 2015

A regular feature of Tête à Tête: the Opera Festival is the pop-up opera: these are pieces of a few minutes duration which take place in all sorts of spots – in foyers, on the streets - throughout the festival.  The company has commissioned two composer/writer teams from last year to create longer pieces this summer.  Moonlight is about a jelly fish, the Queen of the Moon, who falls in love with her counterpart in the sky – the Moon – with tragic repercussions.  The Last Seed is based on the mythical character of Narcissus, delicious and doomed, who understands he has not lived until he eats the last pomegranate seed.  The double bill takes place on the concluding days of Tête à Tête's biggest festival to date.  August 8/9 at Kings Place, London