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Address:The Music Troupe
83 Crampton Street #317
London SE17 3BT  
Tel:+44 7712 830201
Edward Lambert**Musical director
** main contact
Company type Repertoire Season Location
Touring company Contemporary and rarities All year round National

The Music Troupe was formed in 2013 while the company was mounting the first performances of Edward Lambert’s Six Characters in Search of a Stage.

The company’s aim is to highlight the art of 'beautiful singing' and to create and mount new work and rarities. Productions are genuine chamber operas in which the music and drama are tailored to small spaces rather than scaled-down versions of bigger works and are designed to be suitable for a variety of venues.

Six Characters in Search of a Stage
✩✩✩✩ Bite sized opera strikes gold... An impressive debut with all the ingredients of a full length opera... all played out in just 55 minutes, this rich mix of interlocking characters bring their theatrical performances to an intense climax of pain and despair. There is much to commend this lively production...

Lambert's music always strongly directional and full of emotion... This was a fabulous piece of theatre...
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- 2018 -
An Evening of English Opera
Hungerford, Croft Hall: 13 Oct