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Address:The Music Troupe
83 Crampton Street #317
London SE17 3BT  
Tel:+44 7712 830201
Edward Lambert**Musical director
** main contact
The Music Troupe Go Surreal at the Tête à Tête FestivalAug 2015

The company, whose key objective is to celebrate the art of the voice, are mounting a work about identity, based on the words of Federico Garcia Lorca, the Spanish poet and playwright executed by Nationalist forces at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War for his outspoken socialist views and possibly his homosexuality.  Opera with a Title features gay courtships, gender-swapping, the bombing of a theatre, Juliet’s erotic desires and the shooting of a theatre director.  The action may be real or the actors may be imagining it.  Will the war raging around them redefine their art? Opera with a Title opens on August 6 for two performances at Kings Place, London.