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Address:The Music Troupe
83 Crampton Street #317
London SE17 3BT  
Tel:+44 7712 830201
Edward Lambert**Musical director
** main contact
OMTF New Producers Scheme 2015: The Music TroupeMar 2015

Many new, small companies plan to grow but lack administrative resources, are isolated and have little experience of management.  These are the kinds of organisations that would particularly benefit from membership of support organisations yet haven’t the cash to join.

OMTF and La Playa, the sector specialist that provides the OMTF insurance scheme, have joined forces to confront this problem by establishing a New Producers’ Scheme, designed to publicise and support the work of new companies through the provision of information, advice and wider contact with the opera and music theatre sector.  Professional opera and music theatre organisations who have mounted at least one production or work-in-progress are invited to apply each year for one free membership.

This year OMTF is delighted to welcome into membership The Music Troupe, led by composer and artistic director Edward Lambert.  Founded in 2013 it creates and mounts new work and rarities in productions tailored to small spaces and designed to be flexible.  The company has mounted three productions: Holst’s Savitri and Edward Lambert’s Six Characters in Search of a Stage and The Catfish Conundrum.  Edward is looking forward to developing his fledgling organisation and meeting others in the industry who will share their experience.

The Music Troupe’s next performances are at the Brighton Fringe Festival, May 22-24.