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Robin Hood -- The Dark SideFeb 2019
For its third production The Opera Story recasts a favourite story from English folklore

Everyone is familiar with the legend of the folk hero who steals from the rich to give to the poor; it has been the subject of many adventure films and TV series and the title role played by glamorous stars.  The Opera Story, who like to take familiar tales and retell them in a provocative and contemporary way (they’ve tackled Snow White and Goldilocks so far), have this year chosen Robin Hood.

Might there be something more behind that romantic, swashbuckling façade?  Might there be a dark secret?  Alongside up-and-coming composer Dani Howard, librettists Zoe Palmer and Rebecca Hurst re-think the struggles and motivations of this well-known character and those around him, exploring themes such as loyalty and brotherhood, land rights and power, justice and morality.  Polly Graham directs.

The Opera Story production of Robin Hood premieres on February 27 and continues for five performances at the Bussey Building, London.