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Members' Days

Have covered themes such as: WINNING ON THE WEB (2008); and WORKING WITH NEW COMMUNITIES (2007); and a variety of topics including changes to legislation such as VAT (cultural exemption); Risk Analysis and the Disability Discrimination Act; aspects of marketing; using audience information to enhance relationships with funders, audiences and venues; building long-term relationships with venues, building and maintaining supporters' groups, education.


The biennial OMTF Conference is the opportunity for everyone within the sector to meet and consider major issues that affect opera and music theatre.

Conference 2009The State of Play

The 2009 conference explores topics arising out of the most comprehensive survey of the small–mid scale opera and music theatre sector that has ever been undertaken.  Commissioned by OMTF, the research examines the situation and role of the small-middle scale opera and music theatre companies within the national opera context and includes producing companies, venues, festivals, funders, educational bodies, orchestras pro-am groups and more.  With the help of Arts Consultants Graham Devlin and Judith Ackrill, panels and speakers from across the sector will debate the current issues and the ways forward.

Conference 2006Pulling Together: The creative power of partnerships.

As opera and music theatre productions become increasingly challenging and costly to mount, partnerships are frequently mooted as the way forward. Is this a cynical cost-cutting exercise or is there real added value? Does it involve fruitless extra work or do companies truly learn from each other? Do partnerships just result in debilitating compromise, or do organisations find additional, lasting inspiration? The 2006 conference sets out to examine a variety of partnership experiences past, present and future.

Conference 2004The Change Challenge: creating and managing change.

Opera and Music theatre do not exist in isolation. How can organisations, teams and individuals preserve their initial artistic vision and operate within a continually changing world? The 2004 conference sets out to examine this challenge in three parts: Creating Change, Managing Change and Leadership and Change.

Conference 2002A Leap of Faith: opera and music theatre in the 21st century.

As opera moves into the 21st Century, we see all kinds of new initiatives to ensure broader access to arts and culture, especially in the field of music. Meanwhile, our colleges are training new performers in ever-increasing numbers. Our young people will emerge into adulthood well versed in the joys and practice of music and the arts. Will we be ready to meet them, or will we be demanding a leap of faith when it comes to Opera? Can opera really hold its head up as a 21st Century art form?