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2010 Review of the Small and Middle Scale Opera and Music Theatre Sector in England
GDA Associates, funded by Arts Council England

Mapping the full range of the sector's work and the extent of demand; identifying the unique role of the small and middle scale opera and music theatre sector within the national opera context and recommending strategies through which the current infrastructure might be strengthened.

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2005 Grants for the Arts: The First Year

An evaluation of the effectiveness of the first year of the Arts Council England Grants for the Arts funding system (2003-4).

2001 Opera For Now
OMTF, funded by Arts Council England

A profile of the activities of opera and music theatre companies in Britain.  The report included a mapping exercise; an assessment of the effect that educational projects have on attitudes to opera; an assessment of press attitudes and material from Arts Council research into small and mid scale venues.

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1992 Beggar's Opera
Graham Devlin, funded by The Gulbenkian Foundation

A discussion document on small scale touring opera and music theatre in the UK.  The Gulbenkian Foundation identified an increase in interest in opera and funded research to discover whether there was a genuine hunger for opera and if so how it could be satisfied beyond the remits of the major opera companies.  The report covered repertoire, audiences, venues, marketing, systems and structures and sources of income.

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